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Spray Dryers

Spray Drying is the most advanced instant drying process to engineer a particle and formulate in a single step.
The ProCept R&D Spray Dryer is a complete process tool that generates reliable, repeatable and scalable results in a minimum of time.

ProCept’s modular design provides a full exibility towards integrating the equipment in your


  • High process yields (>90%) from 1 ml (10 mg) to 4 liter
  • Particles from 1-150μm
  • PC control with real-time trending and excel data reporting
  • Water and Organic solvents processing                                


Required Supply

Power rating 4600 Watt / 20 Amp
230 V, 50~60 Hz
Compressed air dry and clean air - 6 bar @ 0.5 m³/min


Evaporation capacity  0.1-15 ml/min H2O, higher for organic solvents
Batch size 10mg to a few kg dry product
Extraction fan capacity Max. 1 m³/min
Inlet air temperature Max. 190°C
Heating capacity 3600 Watt
Control system Embedded PC with 15” full colour touch panel
Interface USB stick with excel process data report


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