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Production Mixers

             High Shear Mixing        High Shear Mixer

Arcon supplies a range of Production Mixers including Agitating Mixers, Batch Mixers, Bottom Entry Mixers and In-line Mixers. These High-Shear Production Mixers are capable of a variety of functions:

Emulsifying: Excellent emulsions can be produced with minimal effort. Oil in water and water in oil emulsions are rapidly produced even when thickening has taken place. The high flow rate permits any colouring to be added at the end of the batch.
Homogenising: The mixer will homogenise most emulsions without making any physical changes to the mixers and after a period of time a stable emulsion will be produced.
Solubilising: Even when viscosities rise to 30 000 cps the standard mixer will circulate the designed capacity and will disperse any lumps which may have formed due to poor addition.
Diluting: Due to the high suction produced by the mixer, heavy pastes or sediments which may have formed are instantly dispersed.
Disintegration: The high shear impeller and powerful sucking action reduces particle size with minimal effort and minimal time.



Arcon supply a range of Agitating Mixers including Propeller style and Axial Flow Turbine Mixers. Rough layouts and approximate mixer speeds and sizes can be seen below. Click on the images to enlarge.



Slow Speed   Medium Speed   High Speed
140 rpm and below   282 rpm   1500 rpm and 1000 rpm
(1410 rpm and 910 rpm at full load)



 Agitating Mixer Models

Agitating Mixer            Agitator Mixer                  Agitating Mixer


IBC container

Arcon also supply Industrial Fluid Mixers and Agitators designed for use with transportable Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC). The designs are suitable for standard, special and stainless steel IBCs.



Batch Mixer


Standard Immersion Mixers








The high speed immersion batch mixer offer many advantages over conventional stirrer/agitator systems. The key to the effective performance and high processing speeds of these machines is the precision designed rotor/stator arrangement ensuring uniform processing with very little aeration or surface disturbance.



  • Precision built products designed to give long, trouble-free operation
  • All contact parts made of 316 stainless steel, adhering to food and pharmaceutical
    requirements and Good Manufacturing Practice
  • Provides a high degree of chemical resistance to otherwise aggressive mediums
  • Wide choice of shear ranges possible by variations in the rotor/stator arrangement
  • Interchangeable heads enable one mixing machine to perform a variety of functions
    including blending, dispersing, emulsifying and homogenising
  • Custom-designed rotor/stator combinations available



Bottom Entry Mixer

                   Bottom Entry Mixer

The Bottom Entry Mixer/Homogeniser is designed to fit directly onto the base of a mixing vessel and is compatible with contra-rotating agitators or scraped surface gate type stirrers. The models range from 0.75 kW to 15 kW or up to a working capacity of 3000 litres. Single and two speed motors are available and motors can be ATEX approved if required. Single or double mechanical seal arrangement is also available.



Inline Mixer


Arcon supplies a range of in-line mixers including Single Stage In-Line High Shear Mixers, High-Speed Self-Cleaning Mixers and Three Stage Multi Shear Mixers.

In-line processors offer many advantages over immersion processors for batch work as they take up less space, are much easier to clean and can be used on highly viscous media by using a supplementary feed pump.




Single Stage In-Line Mixers


Single Stage In-Line Mixer Ideal for pilot plant and large production applications, the single stage in-line mixer is used extensively for single pass and recirculatory processing. With interchangeable rotor/stator rings for various shear ranges and the option of a belt drive to increase shear and flow rate, the single stage mixer is well-suited to many materials and applications. In addition, the risk of unintentional aeration is eliminated as the system is completely closed.


High Speed Self-Cleaning Mixers


In-line mixer The high speed mixers Arcon supplies are virtually self-cleaning and maintenance-free. All motors and gearboxes are available in stainless steel for washdown and hygiene purposes and five interchangeable rotor/stator options cover most requirements. As with all the mixing equipment supplied by Arcon, custom designs are possible to meet specific or unusual requirements.

Three Stage Multi Shear In-Line Mixers


Three Stage Multi Shear Mixer Three Stage Mixer


For the production of ultra-fine emulsions, dispersions and creams, Arcon recommends the three stage multi shear in-line mixer. These mixers have been successful in many fields of process engineering and are suitable for single pass processing or recirculating material where extremely fine processing is required.



  • High Quality Dispersion
  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Controllable vortex and powder wetting
  • Greater speed and improved performance
  • Eliminates dry powder on the liquid surface
  • Maintains standards of Good Manufacturing Practice