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Drying and sloughing


Mainly used in the seed de-hulling system to remove the hulls and fines. Purify the seed and adjust of the seed temperature and moisture as well. 

Performance Description:

  • Good air-tightness for feed inlet and feed outlet.
  • Transplacement array of the steel pipe inside, good dehulling efficiency.
  • Cycle air flow removes impurity efficiently.
  • High quality bearing and deceleration motor ensure trouble-free running.  



Mainly used for the soybean hot de-hulling system in the soybean oil plant to separate of the hulls and meat efficiently.

Performance Description:

  • Novel design, beautiful appearance, reliable operation.
  • Crawler floating feeding, drying thoroughly, high dehulling efficiency.
  • Comb-type prong, distribute material evenly.
  • High quality bearing ensure smoothly running.
  • Low noise, operate and maintain conveniently. 

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